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Jonathan Wolf

Chicagoland, Illinois

Jonathan Wolf is a pro video editor and videographer based in the suburbs of Chicago, IL. You may also find him writing or editing scripts, whipping up motion graphics, or trying some new After Effects plugin on any given day.

Jonathan believes the best videos tell a story, and is always trying to find that perfect cut, the right camera angle, or the effect that brings a video together. 

Outside his video work, Jonathan has a wife and two kids, whom he loves playing games and watching movies with. He's always up for a board game, loves technology and science fiction, and has recently begun experimenting with 3D printing at home.

Recent Notable Projects

Winter 2020: Elders of the Internet.

Client: RAILS



Fall 2019: PMI's 50 Most Influential Projects. Client: PMI

Videos: World Wide Web, Atari 2600, Star Wars, Human Genome Project.


Summer 2019: Misconceptions about A.I. featuring IBM

Client: Staples


Want to get in touch? Shoot me an email at

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